Vincent and Tim are specialist lawyers in the area of sexual abuse and harassment, having dealt with a large amount of cases in recent years involving clerical sexual abuse; the fall out from the Murphy Report, Ryan Report, Ferns Report and most recently the Cloyne Report.

Tim and Vincent Shannon deal with these cases in a sensitive manner and only require you to furnish basic details to establish the nature of the case, and then when you are ready the complete instructions can be given in your own time.
Many of the cases Shannons bring are for psychological or physical injury that occurred many years ago; perhaps when you were a child events occurred which you put out of your mind until the recent reports or events brought the memories back. It is important that you do not delay once you decided to take action as a result of abuse that took place long ago. Once there has not been an inordinate or inexcusable delay then you will be able to proceed. These cases take some time to bring to court but this period of time will enable you to establish a bond of trust with Vincent or Tim Shannon who will be able to present your case having got to know you and the circumstances of the case.

For help and advice, please don’t hesitate to contact Tim or Vincent Shannon by calling 01-8401780 or e-mailing