One of the main difficulties we have noted in recent years is that many applications for Work Permits have been rejected because the person’s skills were said to be surplus to Irish requirements. Happily, the Employment Permit (Amendment) Regulations 2019 were enacted on 22 April 2019 and have added a number of occupations across the construction sector, sports and fitness industry and the health industry to the Critical Skills Occupations List. In general, in order to be eligible for a Critical Skills Employment Permit (CSEP) a particular role must have a basic salary of at least €60,000. The benefit of inclusion on the Critical Skills Occupations List is that a role may be eligible for a CSEP with a lower salary threshold of between €30,000 – 60,000.

In particular, the following occupations have been added to the Critical Skills Occupations List:

  • civil engineers
  • mechanical engineers
  • electrical engineers
  • design and development engineers
  • production and processing engineers

A number of trade and semi-skilled occupations are to be removed from the Ineligible Occupations List so that individuals with such skills can apply for a General Employment Permit (GEP). Previously they would not have been eligible due to a perceived over-supply in the Irish market. However, a labour market needs test must still be carried out prior to the permit application in respect of these occupations.

The following occupations have been removed from the list:

  • sheet metal workers
  • pipefitters
  • scaffolders
  • air-conditioning & refrigeration engineers
  • crane drivers
  • transport and distribution clerk/assistant (subject to a general quota of 300 GEP)
  • plasterers (subject to a general quota of 300 GEP)
  • bricklayers (subject to a general quota of 300 GEP)

The process of applying for Critical Skills Employment Permits can be difficult and we are happy to help and advise you in relation to any application you wish to make. If you need any further information you should contact us on 01-8401780 or email

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