Last week we wrote about the new Domestic Violence Act and one of our concerns related to the fact that if an Applicant is well prepared and well represented, she or he will stand a very good chance of success

One of the reasons why we can say this with so much confidence is because family law cases are heard in private and the normal rules of evidence do not apply so in theory, the hearings are said to be quite informal and relatively relaxed.  Having said that, if you are not represented,  you will have fewer more stressful experiences.  Family Law is not debt collection.    The outcome of a family law case can stay with you for the rest of your life so you need to be prepared.  And you need to be represented.  If you’re going to court looking to recover a debt and the facts are relatively straightforward, you can do a good job for yourself and often it is not so essential that you have a solicitor to represent you.  This is rarely the case in family law.  The law is complicated and presenting even the most straightforward family law case can be difficult and problematic.

If you have a competent solicitor representing you;

  1. Your solicitor will know the law 
  2. Your solicitor will know the judge
  3. Your solicitor will be able to assess the facts and know what is important and what is not important.
  4. Your solicitor will be able to present the facts to the judge in a calm, persuasive and coherent manner.

If you are not sure your solicitor is capable of properly representing you, prepare the questions that most concern you and put them in an email to your solicitor.  Research your solicitor – google can be your best friend. Then meet with him and assess:how s/he answers your questions.

The bottom line – be prepared!

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