Immigration Law at Shannons

All foreign nationals (that is all non-Irish citizens) are broadly speaking divided into two general categories: –

  1. EU nationals, EEA and Swiss nationals or persons with rights of free movement, and
  2. What are generally referred to as “Third Country Nationals” being persons who are not EU, EEA or Swiss nationals.

Broadly speaking these align with the categories of persons who are (a) visa expempt and, (b) visa required.

Very distinctly different sets of rules apply dependent upon which category you may fall into.

Pesrons may be eligible to reside and, possibly work, in Ireland on a variety of basis dependent upon their individual circumstances, for example, Citizenship, EU Treaty Rights, Long Term residence, Refugee or Subsidiary Protection Declaration, Work Permit, Irish Born Child Residency Scheme or Family Reunification.

At Shannons Solicitors LLP we have the expertise to answer any queries you may have, assist you in any application you may wish to make and, to generally guide you through which ever part of the Irish immigration or asylum system you may be involved in.

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