At  Shannons Solicitors LLP in Swords we provide help for people who are applying for passports where the parent is the sole guardian of the minor. When making such a passport application, an Affidavit of Sole Guardian is required. This Affidavit must be completed and signed in the presence of a Solicitor or a Commissioner for Oaths like Vincent Shannon.
When filling out the Affidavit form, it should be accompanied by the regular passport application form, APS1 or APS2, depending in if the applicant lives in the State or abroad. The child’s long form birth/adoption certificate and previous passport, if applicable, is also essential.
If the child was born after 1st January 2005 and the parent is not an Irish citizen, other documents will be required and this can all be discussed with Vincent Shannon of Shannons Solicitors LLP.
If you are making such a passport application, why not contact us on +35318401780 or email for advice and an immediate response. Or you can drop into us at 29 Main Street in Swords, Co Dublin.